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Freely download any or all of these popular, authentic books by or about

Brother William Marrion Branham, his prophetic, supernatural ministry, life story, 

end time message and prophecies.  Share them with family and friends. 


14 Books by / about William Branham - 5.8Mb (text only)

A selection of books by or about a humble, uneducated man who was sent by God to this Age with a gift of faith and healing to demonstrate that Jesus Christ is indeed the same yesterday, today and forever.

Twentieth Century Prophet - 1.1 Mb

It is true that Christian’s of every generation have applied to themselves the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:32, "This generation shall not pass away until all these things be fulfilled."  Today is no exception and many believe that our generation will soon witness Christ’s return because no major prophetic event to herald His return remains unfulfilled.  Few however, are aware that Jesus also said in Mat. 17:11, that He would send a prophet to restore the church just prior to His return and that this too has been fulfilled.

The Supernatural Halo Photograph - 1.7 Mb

About midway through the Houston campaign of January 1950, a photograph taken professionally on the instruction of a hostile clergyman, revealed a supernatural light in the form of a halo above William Branham's head.  No natural light source was on hand to produce the halo and other photos taken of the opposing clergyman at the same time and on the same roll of film, were inexplicably blank.

The Revelation of the Seven Seals - 3.2 Mb
The Seven Seals are a mysterious subject referred to in the Holy Bible within chapters 5, 6 and 8 of the Book of Revelation. The Bible makes it clear that such mysteries are only made known to anointed prophets and according to God's own timetable.
The Acts Of The Prophet - 1.6 Mb

Rev. Pearry Green was a close friend and associate of William Branham and gives witness to the miraculous things he saw and heard in the ministry of the Prophet that God sent to this Age.

Mysterious Star Appears While Baptising - 1.4 Mb

On June 11, 1933, as William Branham was baptizing the 17th person in the Ohio River before a crowd of about 3,000, a mysterious blazing star appeared high in the sky and descended to just above the young minister’s head with a sound that was audible to all. Many ran in fear while others knelt in prayer. A voice spoke to him out of this ‘pillar of fire’ and declared, "As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Jesus Christ, so are you sent with a Message to forerun His second coming."  

Memorial Service - 1.1 Mb

Brother William Branham was killed as the result of  an automobile crash 6 miles west of Friona Texas, December 18, 1965. Read the tragic account by his son, Brother Billy Paul Branham and learn how others closely associated with William Branham viewed his ministry.

As The Eagle Stirreth her Nest - 0.2 Mb

Let this simple message stir your heart.  

A Prophet Visits South Africa - 42.1 Mb

In 1950, Pastor A. H. Cooper, Chairman, Durban Branham Committee wrote these words; "When the Rev. Wm. Branham and his co-workers ... began their services of Divine Healing Campaigns in South Africa, on the 4th of October, 1950, not many people anticipated the spiritual upheaval which followed their ministry. …… Never have such manifestations of God's saving and healing power been witnessed ….. In all the campaigns the ministry of the miraculous was evident. "

A Man Sent From God - 2.3 Mb
The life story of William Branham is so out of this world and beyond the ordinary that were there not available a host of infallible proofs to document and attest its authenticity, one might well be excused for considering it far-fetched and untrue.

A High Cloud and Ring of Mystery - 4.6 Mb

In late February, 1963, a cloud with a triangular outline was photographed in the Arizona skies that science said was " too high, and too big to be true." Rev William Branham told in advance of a visitation of seven angels that would come to him in the shape of a pyramid to reveal the mysteries of the Seven Seals of the book of Revelation.  Revised January 22, 2015. 

Adoption - 2.4 Mb

This Gentile dispensation will soon end with a glorious outpouring of the Holy Ghost upon a chosen people who have been so tested and tried that they will be "adopted" of the Father as forshadowed in the Old Testament. Then as manifested sons and daughters of God, they will manifest His very love and power with such glory that another chapter of the Book of Acts will be written.  This victorious Church will be translated into Christ’s very presence, together with the resurrected saints who have fallen asleep in earlier ages.

Conduct, Order and Doctrine - 6.9 Mb

Brother Branham takes time to answer many questions that were on the minds of followers of his Message and gives his advice as to how the Body of Christ should keep the order of the Spirit.

Daniels Seventy Weeks - 2.2 Mb

For centuries, Bible believers and devout scholars have wondered when and in what manner  the Angels instructions to Daniel would come to pass but the understanding of these things was sealed up until the time of the end.  Read the truth now revealed by a vindicated prophet of God.  Without this knowledge, we cannot have a full understanding the Book of Revelation.

The Book of Hebrews Study - 3.9 Mb

"The Book of the Hebrews is one of the deepest, richest Books of the Bible …  written by Saint Paul, the greatest Bible expositor the world has ever had outside of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We'll find golden nuggets till we'll just shout the praises of God all the time."  William Branham.

The Seven Church Ages  - 4.1 Mb

Not to be confused with the book “An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages” which was compiled mostly from Brother Branham’s sermons, the book featured here is the literal transcription of the defining Church Ages sermons delivered by William Branham late in 1960.  An inspired work,  it shows the unmistakeable Hand of God throughout the history of Christendom.