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One Year of New Life 

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Raised From the Dead

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Medically dead: doctors confounded!

In December 2007, Brother Dave Green suffered a major heart attack.  His heart was severely damaged and a few days later, he died from complications while in hospital at Tucson, Arizona.  He had also suffered a massive stroke at the base of his brain stem and another behind his right eye.  The surgeon confirmed that his blood pressure had dropped to zero and that he was clinically dead. 


His wife and family refused to accept the symptoms and instead believed God for a miracle.  Twenty three minutes later, their prayers were answered and life returned to his body.  A week further on, he was discharged from hospital, still weak from the trauma he had been though, but glorifying God: a grandfather who now had the organs of a 30 year old.  He was thrilled that His Lord and Savior still had a purpose for his life. 


We are pleased to make his testimony availble to you in two parts.  May it be a blessing and a strength to you.  We serve a mighty God who answers prayer and who alone is the Author of Life.