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In 1949, Pearry Green's family finally settled in Beaumont, Texas USA where his father had become Pastor of the small Emanuel Gospel Church and in the same year while still a teenager, Pearry received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. 


He recalls that although he was raised in a home where regular Church attendance was a way of life and having read and believed all of the miracles recorded in the Bible, he had never seen one for himself.  This was about to change.

On the evening of January 23, 1950, members of the Green family went to a meeting that was part of a “Divine healing” campaign being held by a man named William Marrion Branham at the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston Texas. It was attended by an audience of some 8000 people.


As Brother Branham began to pray for a line of sick people who were to pass before him on the platform, circumstances arose that had young Pearry move close to the pulpit where he could have a clear view of proceedings.  However, he was quite unprepared for what happened next.  God literally caused the pages of the Bible to come alive before his eyes as he witnessed a blind seven year old boy instantly receive his sight.


The next patient was a six year old boy who had been born with club feet.  Brother Branham asked the boy's mother to remove the lad's stockings and while he prayed, Pearry saw two normal little feet created right before his eyes. It was an experience that deeply affected him for the rest of his life.


The boy's healing was followed by a young lady crossing the platform to stand before Brother Branham who had not heeded his general admonition that all those who were in need of prayer should first put matters right with God.  She had committed an infidelity but despite the warning, had not confessed her failure to her husband.


Brother Branham told her of her sin and in the deathly silence that followed, a young man began yelling loudly as he jumped up from his seat in the audience and rushed towards the platform.


Brother Branham told the ushers to let him come forward because he was the lady’s husband.  As the man reached the platform, Brother Branham said to him, “What about you and your red-headed secretary last Friday night in a motel?”  He then asked the two of them repent to each other and renew their marriage vows.


As Pearry wondered, “How did he know that was her husband?” a change began to take place in his life.  You can read more of the events of that night by downloading a more detailed summary of Brother Green's testimony.


The following evening, Pearry, accompanied by a cousin, attended the next "Divine healing” meeting of the campaign and witnessed the high profile debate that took place after a local Minister had publically denied that Divine healing was for our day.


This was the meeting that concluded with the remarkable authenticated photograph of the supernatural light that appeared over William Branham's head.   At the time of his passing, Brother Pearry was the last surviving follower of Brother Branham’s Ministry who had been present at the debate.


The next week, Brother Branham went to Beaumont Texas to hold meetings there and through his Church connections, Pearry met Howard Branham, a younger brother to William Branham.  As a result of this meeting, Pearry became an usher at the meetings and also acted as guide to the Branham party while they were in the city.


On the last night of the meetings, he was given a randomly numbered prayer card which just happened to be the first one to be called.  As he walked forward to within eight or ten feet of Brother Branham, a feeling came over him like he had just stepped into a deepfreeze.  Brother Branham said, “Now that won’t hurt you, that’s His presence.”


Brother Branham went on to thank Pearry for being an usher and said, “I see you’ve got a call on your life to preach the Gospel.”  He continued: “While you were sitting over there in that chair, you had a bowel trouble; you don’t have it anymore.” A hereditary bowel problem that had troubled Pearry all of his life was gone from that moment onwards and never bothered him again.


After the meeting was over, the press of the crowd caused the ushers to have to roll down the top of the waiting car so that Pearry could lift Brother Branham over the side and place him into the convertible. As this took place, Brother Branham prayed a prayer for him.


Nearly fifteen years later Brother Branham prayed the exact same prayer for Pearry while they were seated together in Brother Branham’s den in Tucson.  The prayer gave details of what would later become Brother Green's life’s work.


As the years passed, Brother Pearry found himself in various leadership roles in both business and Christian circles, including that of a young Pastor.  Again, God was preparing him for what became his life’s work.


During the last years of Brother Branham’s life, Brother Pearry endeavored to be at all the Branham campaign meetings that he could. This resulted in him witnessing many remarkable and important events that took place.


Brother Branham began to seek out Pearry's company and to repeatedly tell him of significant happenings in his life and ministry.  He explained that God’s gift in Pearry’s life was his exceptional memory and said that he was good at starting things. When Pearry asked why he was spending so much time with him when many others also desired his company, Brother Branham simply replied, “It was meant to be.”


In March 1964, Brother Branham held a campaign in Beaumont, Texas which was Brother Pearry's home town. It was during this series of meetings that he came to the realization that Brother Branham was not only a prophet such as had been spoken of in the Bible, but that he was also the major prophet to our end time generation that had been promised in the book of Malachi 4:5-6.


Several nights into the Beaumont campaign, Pearry called at the Ridgeway Motor Inn where the Branham’s were staying to make them aware of the arrangements that had been made to get Brother Branham into the hotel where he was to speak that night. 


Concluding his conversation with Brother Branham outside the Motel, Pearry began to walk past him, quickening his step towards the waiting vehicle.  He had in mind to take the boys who were staying in his home for a haircut.  As he quickened his step, Brother Branham said to him, “You’d better hurry if you are going to get that haircut.”  Pearry stopped on the spot and realizing that he didn’t need a haircut himself, thought, “How did he know I was going to the barbershop?” 


Brother Branham explained to him that he had seen a vision of him telling his wife to have the boys wait for him so he could take them to get a haircut. 


Before he realized what he was saying, he confessed, “Brother Branham, I perceive you to be a prophet like Elijah. You love the wilderness and preach against the Jezebel spirit.  You have no desire for fame or money and call the religious leaders of the world, hypocrites.”    


Brother Branham motioned as if for him to stop and said, “Brother Green, I do not say anything about it publicly, because people don’t understand what a prophet is, but I will not deny what the Angel of the Lord said on the Ohio River in 1933" 1.


He put his hands on Pearry’s shoulders and continued, “Brother Green, whatever you do, keep your balance in the Scriptures.”  He was later to value that as the best advice Brother Branham ever gave him.


Early in 1963, Brother Branham moved to Tucson Arizona and his arrival attracted other Saints to move to Tucson but they had no place to worship there of their own.  Brother Branham had earlier made a commitment to the local Ministers to never to start a church of his own in Tucson and so he asked Pearry if he would start a Church there to meet the growing need.


Brother Pearry was faithful to the leading of the Holy Ghost and remained the Pastor of Tucson Tabernacle until his call home in August 2015.


1 As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first Coming of Christ, so are you sent with a Message that will forerun His Second Coming.”  


Tucson Tabernacle, 2555 North Stone Avenue, Tucson. Arizona