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William Branham at Brother Banks Wood's House

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William Branham

at the Woods house

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This unique recording allows us to witness the humility in which Brother Branham interacts with young believers for nearly an hour at Brother Banks Wood's house in Jeffersonville Indiana.  He prays for loved one’s and patiently answers questions that include such topics as why some people are healed and others are not, the Godhead and the creation.  We catch a glimpse of not only how much he reverenced and was thrilled by God's Word, but also the profound depth of his understanding of the Scriptures which he shares in great simplicity.  


Present were Bro. and Sis. Stricker, Bro. Willard and Sis. Collins, Sis Betty (Collins) Phillips, Bro Herbert and Sister Verna Steffy and Bro. Banks and Sis. Wood. Sister Wood interrupts Bro Branham from time to time to ask questions that are common to many believers.


This recording was the posession of Sister Verna Steffy of Louisville, Kentucky and is reproduced now with the kind permission of her family.