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The Last Seven Years

History tells us by many examples, that before God brings about major dispensational changes such as the global destruction by water or the change from law to grace accomplished through Calvary, he first sends a mighty prophet such as Noah and John the Baptist in the examples just given, to announce the coming change.  The Word of the Lord comes to these men to warn the people to make ready.  William Branham was such a man and through his Ministry, not only have we been privileged to understand the prophetic mysteries of the end time like no other generation before us, but he also gave specific instructions how to prepare for the Coming of the Lord. Truly the generation that saw Israel established in her homeland as a nation again, will not pass away before all things have been fulfilled.   

Updated September 15 2015

The Mark of the Beast

A growing number of Bible readers who are watching the unfolding of the prophetic countdown to the Coming of the Lord, now believe that World Government and the imposition by force of "The Mark of the Beast" is close at hand and that this will finally usher in a bitter religious persecution against all who will not submit. This summary of Brother William Branham's teaching on the subject of "The Mark of the Beast", is offered in the hope that by the Grace of God, it will heighten your awareness and readiness for the deliverance and resurrection he assured us from the Scriptures, would take place before the Great Tribulation sets in. 

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The Brides Coming Revival: highlights 

These concise quotations from William Branham’s sermons are representative of the statements he made which promise the Bride of Christ a glorious Heaven sent revival just before Christ's return.  We offer these materials in the hope that they will be both a encouragement and a help as you prepare for the tremendous time that is just ahead.

The Angels Message to the Bride of Christ

During the sermon “The Spoken Word is the Original Seed,” William Branham read out a statement that the Angel of the Lord had told him to write down which included many details of what lay ahead after his personal Ministry had come to a close.  Judge for yourself how far along we are on this vital road map leading to Christ’s return.  


The 2008 Credit Crisis: Is it later than we think? 

Discover how events that led up to the Credit Crisis were specifically identified in Bible scripture and the part that they play in the fulfillment of God’s End Time Plan. Review the statements that William Branham made which clearly warned us of the 2008 Credit Crisis and its critical spiritual consequences. 


The concept of a “World Government” is no longer the domain of conspiracy theorists. We review the recent proposals put forward by the Vatican that a “World Government” be established to solve the world’s growing financial predicament and consider whether we are entering the final phase leading to the Rapture. 

Revised September 15 2015

Israel: God's Prophetic Calendar 

In this article we review the miracle that is modern Israel, a miracle that has happened in less than a lifetime and yet few have comprehended that these happening are Scripture written some 3500 years ago literally being fulfilled before our eyes.  William Branham said, “If you want to know what time we're living in, watch the Jews. There's God's calendar”.  We think that is good advice.

World events continue to take shape exactly as William Branham prophesied 60 years ago.

Freely download and consider these articles which are based on William Branham's quotes and teachings.


Israel, the Moon and the Church

Never in recorded history have so many signs appeared and events taken place to signify that the Coming of Christ is at hand, than is happening before us right at this very moment.  Prophetic Scripture has been fulfilled to a degree that only a few years ago was either unrecognized or unthinkable. 


In this article, we highlight four end time signs pertaining to Israel and also summarize other important information that will, when read together with Brother William Branham’s warnings and statements and our knowledge of Israel’s role as God’s timepiece, makes for nothing less than a clarion call to the Bride of Christ to be ready at any moment to answer the call “to meet the Lord in the air.” Very soon, “He that shall come will come, and will not tarry.”

Signs, Promises and a Parable for the Bride

At the end of the antediluvian age (i.e., just before Noah’s Flood), God gave the peoples of the world the promise of deliverance from the judgment to come if they would but believe His provided way of escape and enter the Ark. 


At the end of the Jewish age, the Lord Jesus instructed His followers that when they saw Jerusalem compassed about with armies, they should leave under urgency and not return.  Those who heeded His warning lived and those that remained, even though they resorted to the Temple to pray, died without mercy under famine and the sword when the Roman General Titus sacked the city.


As we enter the closing hours of the Gentile dispensation, we would like to share this publication with you that contains a compilation of signs and promises that have been quickened to our hearts from Brother William Branham’s sermons and which have special meaning because they convey the promises of deliverance in this day to Christ’s beloved, His elect Lady, the Bride of Christ. 


May you be encouraged and uplifted in faith as you read these materials.