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 "For the king knoweth of these things, before whom also I speak freely:
for I am persuaded that none of these things are hidden from him;
for this thing was not done in a corner".  ACTS 26:26

St Paul of Tarsus, a City in Cilicia
The William Branham Storehouse Collection was complied by ordinary folks whose lives have been deeply affected for the better by the Message brought by a man who sought neither fame nor money but simply wished to be known as "Brother Branham'.

William Branham's contribution to history

No responsible assessment of Christian Church history in the 20th Century can overlook the contribution made by the ministry of William Branham.  He singlehandedly began and  spearheaded the Divine Healing Revival of the late 1940's and early 1950's that quickly spread around the world.  The miracles and supernatural phenomenon that accompanied his ministry were on such a scale that they could not be denied and from this pioneering example, other major ministries such as Oral Roberts, TL Osborne and AA Allen etc were encouraged to go forth and change the direction of the full gospel Christian Church forever.

It was apparent that the mighty Divine Healing Revival were not a chance happening.  God does not do such things on such a broad scale without a purpose. Eventually it became clear that the revival had been sent to catch the attention of as many as would listen, to turn their spiritual eyes to a prophetic Message that would eventually restore the true Word of God with great power.  This restoration would enable the listener to prepare for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The majority however would miss this opportunity because they had not been taught to recognize or to expect such a ministry, even although Jesus had clearly said that just before He returned, a mighty prophet in the Spirit of Elijah would be sent to the Gentiles to restore the apostolic Bible truths that had become lost across the intervening generations. (Mat 17:11).

Why hadn't we heard of this before? 

Although many people had welcomed Jesus Christ when He first healed their sick and fed their multitudes, when He began to tell them of their sin, they turned from Him. The religious leaders rejected and hated Him because He represented a threat to their pre-eminence amongst the people and because He didn't fit their expectations and in fact spoke against their doctrine and traditions. Such a Ministry was not acceptable to their 'modern' way of thinking. 

The leaders of that day lacked the spiritual revelation to perceive that through Christ were fulfilled the hundreds of Old Testament prophecies that described in detail the attributes of the very Messiah they had been expecting.  Instead they considered Him to have been a false prophet. As a result, few in that day knew that the Messiah had been on earth and that He had paid the price of their salvation by His death on the Cross, just as the Scriptures had plainly declared would take place.

Unfortunately, this same blindness has repeated in our day. Few have known their day of visitation and even less have understood that the Scriptures have promised that at the end of the Gentile dispensation, a major prophet would be sent to restore the truths that had been lost to Church traditions so that a believing people could make themselves ready for the return of their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  

The William Branham Storehouse Collection

The Collection represents a carefully compiled and clearly catalogued summation of all the available information pertaining to Brother Branham's ministry, as well as all of his sermons.
The information is a comprehensive and extensive resource that bears witness of what God has done to show Himself alive in our day. It provides convenient access to the publications, testimonies, records and unembellished factual evidence of the major events that took place that together comprise the  ministry and legacy of William Marrion Branham.

William Branham told us to "say only what the tapes say" and so it is not our desire to influence others with our own opinions.  The Holy Ghost is well able to reveal His own Word to your heart without need of our influence and indeed, the facts will speak for themselves.

The many remarkable events that happened under William Branham's ministry are a matter of public record and in the words of St Paul, were definitely "not done in a corner". 

The William Branham Storehouse Collection is an opportunity to update yourself as to what took place and to assess what it means to you.  The many remarkable events that happened under William Branham's ministry are a matter of public record and in the words of St Paul, were definitely "not done in a corner". 


Over the years, the connections between the material in the Collection and the various sources from where it was drawn have become muddied and uncertain.  Nevertheless, the selfless dedication of those who created, recorded or preserved the original materials is gratefully acknowledged.  We hope that this compilation will meaningfully compliment their efforts.  Any errors contained within the Collection are those of the compliers and / or the sources used and are not to be construed as errors in the Ministry or Message of William Branham.

It is our desire to offer the highest quality product for a very affordable price so if you have any suggestions how we might make improvements, these will be welcomed.

Please help us to share the Word of God by mentioning this website to others.  Obtain your copy of this comprehensive Collection and then share the encouragement and blessings it has brought to you.

In His service,

It was left for a humble, poor, uneducated but gifted Kentucky hillbilly by the name of William Branham to show us how wrong we were!

It is our desire to offer the highest quality product for a very affordable price.