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©  Copyright 2010-18  The Midnight Cry  All rights reserved

©  Copyright 2010-23  The Midnight Cry  All rights reserved

If you find you have reason to make a product claim, please email us by

to advise details of your claim and the relevant circumstances under which it has arisen.


Please also ensure the words, "William Branham Storehouse Collection - Product Claim" remain in the subject line.

For warranty claims, the faulty product will normally require to be returned to The Midnight Cry at the purchasers cost.  Where claims are admitted, the faulty product will be replaced to the purchaser at no cost.


We reserve the right to refuse a replacement if;


  • our terms and conditions have not been met or,

  • we determine at our sole discretion that a request for a replacement is part of an orchestrated campaign to abuse our replacement policy or,

  • we consider that at our sole discretion, The Midnight Cry’s agents, personnel and / or property will be endangered by delivering to the required destination.


We reserve the right to refund the purchase price rather than send / resend an item in the instance where in our sole opinion, the destination is unreliable and / or endangers our agents, personnel and / or property for whatever reason.