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William David Upshaw had not long given his heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ when at just 18 years of age, he fell onto the crosspiece of a hay wagon and fractured his spine, paralyzing the lower half of his body. He was a helpless cripple for the next seven years.

From his bed of affliction, he began to write a regular column of poems and inspirational letters for a local newspaper. His writing revealed a strength of character that would someday make him a leader in his community, his state, and his country.

He eventually regained a degree of mobility through the use of crutches and a wheelchair and in 1895, at twenty nine years of age, he entered Mercer University.  In addition to his study, he became articulate champion of Christian values, good citizenship, and prohibition.

In 1918, William Upshaw was elected to the U. S. House of Representatives on the Democratic ticket. He was re-elected in 1920, 1922, and 1924 and fought for the values that he had built his life upon.

All his life, Congressman Upshaw had prayed for healing and had sought the prayers of the most well-known ministers of the day.  Eventually he was told of a young man with a ministry unlike any others. The young man was William Branham.

On May 2, 1951, Brother William Branham was preparing to call an evening prayer line to the pulpit at Calvary Temple in Los Angeles, California, when a vision broke before him and he told the audience,  "I see a young man falling from a hay stack and breaking his back. A doctor with a white moustache and glasses that sit low on his nose, works on the young man, but to no avail. The youngster grows to become a famous person who writes books. People are applauding him."

William D. Upshaw was in the audience and indicated he wanted to speak to Brother Branham.  The statesman said from his wheelchair. "My son, how did you know that I fell and hurt myself when I was a boy?"

"I can't tell you, sir," was the reply. "I can only say what I see."

"God bless you, my boy," the elderly man responded.

As the prayer line passed the pulpit, the audience sat riveted while the humble man of God told each patient of their ailments and offered prayer.

Utterly exhausted, Brother Branham was being assisted from the platform, when once again, he saw William Upshaw by vision, but this time he was walking without the aid of his crutches!

Brother LeRoy Kopp, the pastor of Calvary Temple, rushed to the pulpit and announced;

"Brother Branham says, "The congressman is healed."

Instantly, a man who had not walked for sixty-six years stood to his feet and started towards the pulpit.

William Upshaw retained the full use of his legs for the rest of his life, and traveled across the country testifying of his healing.  He published his testimony in a tract which he sent to every Senator and member of the House of Representatives, President Truman, Winston Churchill, and King George of England.


Taken from 'The Healing of Congressman Upshaw' by Rebekah Branham-Smith (WBSC "Events")

William Branham and the Miracle Healing

of Congressman Upshaw