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William Branham receives two Supernatural Signs given him by an Angel of God

The next Sunday, Brother Branham told his congregation at Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, Indiana, about the visitation and the following day, Charlie McDowell, a member of the congregation, suffered arc-eye while welding and couldn't see properly. It normally takes more than a week to recover from the condition but he asked his Pastor for prayer and was immediately healed. He returned to work next day, much to the surprise of his boss, a Mr. William P. Morgan.

At the time, Mr. Morgan's wife Margie, was dying in the Baptist Hospital in Louisville with cancer throughout her abdomen. She weighed only forty seven pounds and was little more than skin and bones. The surgeon that had started to operate on Margie Morgan just sewed her back up because it was clear that her case was terminal.  He described the cancer as being, "like a mass of tree roots wrapped around inside her."  The cancer so constricted her intestines, that her bowels could not be cleared with an enema. She had suffered numerous deep radium X-ray treatments to no avail until for much of the time she was no longer in her right mind.  Although he knew she had but a few days to live, Mr. Morgan began to wonder if prayer might help his wife, so he went to ask Brother Branham. 

Brother Branham told him that the Angel had said to him, "If you can get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before your prayer, not even cancer."  He went on, "It's not for me to question it, I believe it. It's for you to question. Do you believe it?"

Mr. Morgan did believe and God was shortly to perform a miracle.  It was to be the first cancer case William Branham encountered with the gift that the Angel had promised him. 

Mr. Morgan had played golf with Margie's surgeon and being acquainted with him, got permission for her to be taken to Branham Tabernacle: not that the surgeon thought it would do any good, but rather so she could see her beloved Ohio River again before she died. 

On Wednesday evening, Margie was carried semiconscious into the Church on a stretcher, accompanied by her husband and nurses.


When Brother Branham saw her pitiful condition, her sunken face and eyes, he was moved with compassion.  He took hold of Margie's hand with his left, and immediately his hand turned an angry red and puffed up a little.  A pattern of vibrating small white lumps appeared across the back of his hand and he could feel the vibrations moving strongly up his arm.  Later he would learn that this particular vibration was typical of this type of cancer.

William Branham met the Angel that had been with him since birth face to face for the first time in a cave where he had gone to pray early in March, 1946.  The Angel had promised him that he would be given two signs to get the people to believe him.  The first would be a visible physical manifestation on the surface of the back of his left hand that would only occur when contact was made with a person having a germ-caused disease. 

He asked the congregation to bow their heads and began to pray.  As he prayed, a vision broke before him showing Margie strong and healthy and back nursing again. He felt the vibrations abruptly cease and looking down, he saw his own hand had become perfectly normal. The Holy Spirit moved upon him and spoke, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, You'll live and not die."


When he looked up, he found William Morgan staring intently at him and so he reassured him, "Sir, don't you fear. Your wife will live."

Mr. Morgan asked to speak to Brother Branham privately outside and then questioned if he knew the names of several of the doctors that had been on his wife's case.  Brother Branham confirmed that he knew them and Mr. Morgan explained how serious they had said his wife's condition was. 

Brother Branham said, "I don't care what she's got.  That Man that gave me the promise in the cave told me to say whatever I saw in a vision and it would be so and I believe it."

A few days later, Margie was able to do her own washing and was quickly gaining strength. She eventually returned to nursing at the Clark County Memorial Hospital, in perfect health and weighing about a hundred and fifty-five pounds.  She became a life-long personal friend of Brother Branham's wife, Meda Branham.  The first of the Angel's two signs had indeed been vindicated.

When Mr. Jim Tom Robinson, an attorney in Louisville, heard about the case, he went to the Baptist Hospital to check and see if it was true.  His father was a trustee on the Board of the Hospital and they looked up the case to find that years earlier, Margie Morgan had indeed been sent home supposedly to die.  Jim told his father that Margie was back nursing and offered to take him to meet her.  As a result of this discovery, Jim Tom Robinson committed his life to Christ.


Compiled from Brother Branham's sermons (See WBSC)