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William Branham experiences a Vision While Driving His Car

One day when Brother Branham was driving, he and I were talking as Billy Paul and Rebekah slept.  All of a sudden, he was quiet.  Out of the window all I could see was farmland on either side of us.  He took out a piece of paper and a pencil from his pocket and laying the paper on the seat next to him, he started writing. I knew he was having a vision so I didn't say a word. When he finished writing, Brother Branham rubbed his face with his hands, then he said to me, "I just saw something."  This all happened in 30 seconds or less, but during that time, his hands were not on the wheel and he was not looking at the road, but the car continued in a straight line. 

Betty Collins Philips, New Albany, Indiana
p182, 'Generations' book, compiled by Angela Smith