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William Branham - continued:
And I'm looking for a time of a break forth of the Spirit of God in these last days that we're now living in, for another surge of the Holy Spirit into the Church for a rapturing faith, just before it comes. And everything is setting straight in order for that. And I believe that we're now at the time that the Word should have preeminence. I believe that the time to lay aside our creeds and our thoughts and come back to the Word...

The Token  Shreveport LA 11-28-63 Evening

The Church is ready. She's sealed in, ready to come. There will be a big outpouring of the Spirit, yes, sir, to grab that Church and take her into the skies. Exactly. Because see, the Church, the Word, the Bride... And, Christ, His ministry is in His Bride, which is His Body, the celestial Body, or I mean to say, the--the supernatural Body of His here on--the spiritual body on earth, His Spirit is in there living His Life right out, until Him and the Church becomes one in the wedding. See, they become one. He takes them, just a little minority in the last days.

The World Is Again Falling Apart  Shreveport LA 11-27-63

That's the reason I do believe that when that Bride is called out and elected and set in the Book of Life, there'll come a sound from heaven that'll take such a baptism of the Holy Spirit into that Bride that'll take Her from the earth in a rapturing grace. God promised it.

Three Kinds Of Believers  Jeffersonville  IN 11-24-63 Evening

And soon, it's in congress right now, the big machine set up to make all churches come into that federation of churches. And you'd better really have the Token shining. But the hour is here for the exodus. And this time we're going to a promised land, the promise of Eternal Life. This Token shows that Jesus Christ... The Holy Ghost shows that Jesus has met every requirement for us, that we are, in our nature, fallen sons of God. And we have no power within us. We have no Life within us. We are a fallen race of people from Adam. But when we can display the Token, that the Word and we become the same, shows that Jesus Christ met the requirement for our sin and death, and has displayed His Token within us. Oh, how simple it can be. You are condemned. We were all condemned. There's no way to save ourselves, and God sent us a Token. He killed His Son at--at Calvary for us. And the Life that was in that Blood, when It was shed at Calvary, has come back to be a Token upon us, God's everlasting, eternal Token. It's Eternal Life by the eternal God. And anything that had a beginning has an end, and everything had a beginning besides God. And God is the only form of Eternal Life there is.

The Token  Shreveport LA 11-28-63 Evening

You don't have to know the mechanics. Just know the dynamics, the thing that pulsates it, that makes it true. And see if it hits the target that the Bible promised it would hit in this day. See? It's the Word again. Back to the Word. Now, the big machine is setting up now, and ready to move. The mechanics is already there. They've already got the mechanical system of an organization that's going to bring upon the earth a peace, they say. They got a--like a U.N. The nations are united together. It's a uniting time. I just preached on it recently. They're--they're uniting together to bring what? A world peace.

They did that in the League of Nations. They've always done it, and it never works. It can't work. The U.N. is nothing but a big rubber balloon that's carried about by every nation's wind of doctrine. It'll bust and blow up at anything. It can't work; neither can the Council of Churches work. It's an organization by man, contrary to the system--with their system contrary to the Word of God. And it can't work. How can two walk together unless they be agreed? You can't do it. And how can the Christian church... will have to... The--the Pentecostals, the Assemblies of God, and the--the great other churches of the--of the Pentecostal kingdom, and of the Full Gospel people... How can they forfeit their evangelical teachings, the very principles that they've stood on? And where they was raised up to come out of those organizations and condemn it. And they have to forfeit their evangelical doctrine to walk with man, who disagree upon the principles of the Bible, and Divine healing, and the power, of God, and Jesus Christ. How can two walk together except they be agreed? There you are. That's the hour that we have arrived at. And that's the big machine that's set up.

Now, they've got the mechanics. The only thing they have to have is Satan in there with the dynamics to force the marking of the beast. When she's forced down, then the dynamics is working. The mechanics is there. They've already got them. Let me say something too. This uniting time--you see churches uniting nations uniting... It's a uniting time of God and His Bride too. And I say this with reverence and respect. I believe that the Bride of Christ is called; I believe She's sealed in the Kingdom of God. I believe the mechanics is there. They're waiting for the Dynamics, that'll take Her off the earth into glory in the rapture. I believe it with all my heart. Yes, sir. We don't know how He's going to do it. but He's going to do it. He is the Dynamics. We just become members of the machine of His Body, forming ourself into His Image, and see Him uniting Himself with us in His works, with His love gifts, as He hands them to us just before the wedding supper. And we're waiting, watching for that. Their big church is to be united... The Dynamics of this church will be a refilling of the Holy Spirit, that we have worked in a small measure while the Headstone is coming down to unite with the Body.

But when that Head and Body unites together the full power of the Holy Ghost would raise Her up just exactly like... Even the dead, that's dead in Christ for hundreds of years ago, will rise in the beauty of His holiness and take a flight through the skies. The Dynamics is the Holy Spirit. And now, the dynamics of this great regime that they got built... This big machine will work someday in the uniting council of the World Council of Churches, which will make a forcing to... But remember... You say, "When that happens..." It's going to be too late then for you. You're already in it. Whether you want to be or not, you're already there. See? Notice, you've already got that spirit upon you... In the day when the--when the--the winds of the Spirit is blowing from east, north, west, and south, persuading people out of it, and showing the people... That's the reason I've been so against that system.

What Shall i Do With Jesus Called Christ  Jeffersonville  IN 11-24-63 Morning

We see this big move set up now; Satan's big machinery set in order. The only thing it needs is... It's got the mechanics; it only waiting for its dynamics to put it in force.

The big machine's setting there, but they're waiting for the hour when the lid goes down, and then they can make it, and force it, make it a law. Look at the broadcasts and things we hear today over the radio and the newspapers. Why, it's right on you now. We haven't time to do nothing else but receive Jesus Christ. He has been thoroughly identified. Listen, we say about Satan's big machine up there ready to move (That's right.) to crush down; but remember, God's little flock that believes the Word, its mechanics is ready too. It's ready for the Dynamics to set it afire with the Holy Ghost. "Fear not, little flock, it's your Father's good will to give you the Kingdom." The Holy Ghost will strike a little Church that's come out from the world, women that wears long hair, a Nazarite, to prove they've separated themselves from the... A Nazarite is one who what? A one that separates themselves for the Word of God, not short-wearing, painted faces, Jezebels, calling themselves Christians; no, sir; men so wishy-washy, that'll stand for a denomination, and hold onto their coat tails, of some Caesar or Herod, instead of standing for the Word of God. But God's got loyal people, genuine flock of God, who don't care what the world says.

They believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. This is not popular. It makes you unpopular, but it's the truth. It's God's command for it to be done, and God will do it. God bless you. Don't mean to scold you, but to warn you. It's better to be scorched than burned at any time, so take warning. The Holy Spirit speaks in this last days. All's written in the Book will escape it. Now, we find out the little flock is ready for the Dynamics to move It up into the skies to escape all this tribulation. Someone said the other day when I was talking, said, "Brother Branham, you don't believe then the church will go through the tribulation?" I said, "I believe the church will, but not the Bride." The church will go through the tribulation (Yes, sir.), but the Bride's free from it. She'll go in the rapture, in a moment in a twinkling of an eye she'll be caught up to meet her Lord in the air for the Wedding Supper. She has nothing to go through any tribulation about; her Lord has paid her price. We're so thankful for that. Yes, sir.

What Shall We Do With Jesus Called Christ  Phoenix AZ 01-26-64

I--I truly believe that we're on the--the verge of one of the most mightiest things that ever struck the earth since the days...?... See? But now, we can only be known as... It'll be so humble. See? See, what man calls mighty, God calls abomination. But what man calls foolish, God calls mighty. See? But now watch it (See?); it'll be so humble that you'll never miss--that you'll miss it if you've not got the Token there to examine it. You see? See?

Desperations   Jeffersonville  IN 09-01-63 Evening

The hour's a coming when this world will shake under the impact of the Church of the living God that's moving forward in great power. That's right. I hope to see it in my generation.

Jesus Christ The Same  Chicago IL 01-16-55 Evening

The hour's close at hand when you're going to see something happen, when something's going to take place and all this background here, has only been laying a foundation for a short, quick message that'll shake the whole nation.

And Knoweth It Not  Jeffersonville  IN 08-15-65

When he come (Ed: John the Baptist), he was an old fuzzy-faced preacher with a piece of sheep--sheepskin wrapped around him, with a piece of leather for a belt. Probably never took a bath every three or four months. Out there in the wilderness, come out, standing in mud, knee deep, preaching, "Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand." He never went to no cities. If anybody wanted to hear him, they come out to Jordan to hear him them that want to. What did he do? He shook the nation; he shook the world. There's a shaking going on that people don't know nothing about. When Jesus come, He never represented Himself among the big highs. He come to His own; He come to those Who were looking for Him. There's where the shaking come. That's what He does today. The Holy Spirit comes to those who God has called. There's a great shaking amongst the elect: great, powerful thing going on, but the world knows nothing of it.

Revelation Chapter Four No1  Jeffersonville  IN 12-31-60

Get out of the world. Come into Christ. When you see the hot breath of judgment hanging on each side, now swinging eighteen hundred miles an hour around, or eighteen thousand miles an hour, around and around the world, and a sinful nation with their hand on a button that could send us all to powder in five minutes... Don't look for something great to come, a great revival; you look for the coming of the Lord. Be ready now. The devil's only blinding your eyes to these things. Christ declared Hisself to every nation, and through every generation. He's doing it today. The church nominal sets asleep. The church spiritual is awake. The sleeping virgin has went off to sleep, that'll take the tribulation period. But the one that had oil in her lamp is ready. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. How I love that parable of the virgin.

Escape Hither Come Quickly  Waterloo IA 02-02-58

You noticed the other day when we started them trumpets, the Holy Spirit said, "That don't belong here." See, see? Now, latter rain, 144,000 Jews, no, that isn't--that--they won't--that's--that's when Elijah and Moses... There's where the miracles take place. The things that the people's been looking for, the Pentecostals, for miracles, that's where that'll take place in that--under them. See, that's Elijah's and Moses'. They smite the earth with curses as oft they will; they close the heavens that it don't rain in the days of their prophecy. And God will stand and fight for them like He did, and He'll bring them out under a mighty hand just exactly like He did in Egypt (See?), out of these "isms" of the world. And He'll do that, but that is not... We're just to wait on the coming of the Lord. Just wait; keep your lamps trimmed, all filled full of oil. Pray up every hour, not every day, every hour. Just keep ready; be ready; be sweet, and watching...

Questions And Answers 1  Jeffersonville  IN 08-23-64 Morning

A lady setting here has got female trouble. You believe? Yeah, the lady... Oh, my, she's going to miss it. Got a red coat. Her name is Miss Daly. Believe with all your heart. The Lord Jesus Christ make you well, Miss Daly.

Ask if I know the lady. I never seen her in my life. The heavenly Father knows that. You say, "Why did you call her, her name?" Well, Jesus said, "Your name is Simon. You're the son of Jonas." Is that right? Now, isn't that Him, the same yesterday, today, and forever? Do you believe that to be the truth? Now, what did Jesus say? This will occur. And, remember, that was the last sign that was given to the elected Church, Abraham and his bunch, before the promised son appeared. Is that right? God had give Abraham signs all along the journey, and so has He the Church. But when the Angel of the Lord come down and do that, He destroyed the unbelieving Gentiles; and the expected son that had been waited for appeared, Isaac. This ministry will end soon, and the expected Son will appear, Himself.

Gods Word Calls For a Total Separation  Phoenix AZ 01-21-64

I want to read, or take for a subject this morning them last three words of the 10th verse: "Who Is This?" And may the Lord add His blessings to the reading of His Word. It must've been about, say, about ten o'clock on Friday morning. And the people had been up since daylight moving around in the city. It was so filled at the time to the... they were sleeping outside the city walls, on the ground, in their tents; anywhere they could find a place to lay down, because this special occasion had drawed people from all over the known world. It was called the feast of the Passover, which had been ordained of God to the Jews way in the early ages of their history. It was where the sacrificial lamb was to be killed, and the atonement made for the sins of the people. And this being annually, every year it taken place. But this time was a special occasion. There was something a little different going to be about this one. You know, and usually where we have services, we have our regular service and our--do our worship, and pay our tithings, and gather in our churches, and fellowship with our people. But you know, when Jesus comes, it's always something special. There's just something we can tell. There was great expectations. The air seemed to be charged with something. And that would almost parallel the time now. The air is charged today with the expectations of His second coming.

Something was going to take place, for Jesus cannot come at any time unless something special does take place. There's always something new when He appears. And they were charged with expectations, but the bad thing about all this, there was many who didn't see Him, never did get to see Him when He come. And that's one of the sad things about today. There'll be many who won't see Him when He comes. But there'll be a remnant. There'll be those who know God, and who are waiting, and who are charged; they'll see Him. For He will come as a thief in the night. We'll be caught up to meet the Lord in the air, a secret going away of the Church.

Oh, I tell you, knowing all this before hands by the Word of the Lord, we should pray and study every hour of our life, making ready for that great event. Now, while the air is charged with His Presence, and while we are believing, and the anointed ministers of the Gospel are sending out the thunderbolts of warning, we should be prepared, for any minute for that blessed event, when we shall see all that has died in Christ through the ages, when we will see Jesus coming to get His Church; then we'll be caught up to meet Him in the air.

Who Is This - Clarksville IN 10-04-59 Morning